Friday, January 22, 2010

Hope for Haiti

After seeing the devastation leveled on Haiti due to the earthquake, hope for the future is what I have for the Haitian nation. My heart is filled with compassion and hope that we as a nation can come together as one to help our fellow man.

The look of despair, anguish, hopelessness and grief etched on the faces of the survivors tugs at even the most hardened of hearts. The death toll is unbelievable and the injured survivors are many. We see injured babies, children trapped under rubble for days on end, others facing amputation of their limbs due to inadequate medical care.

There is little or no food and clean drinking water. Anything that we can do to help this nation will not be in vain. There are many ways to help. We can donate money or our time. I have made a donation and plan to do more.

If you want to donate, you can go to or you can call 1-877-99-HAITI. There are many other organizations where you can donate your time or money. you can go to the United Nations website or, the Red Cross for more information.

When I think of how bad some of my days are, it does not compare to what the Haitian people have to endure. This puts our complaints into perspective.

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