Sunday, March 21, 2010

Playing professional basketball overseas

Becoming a professional basketball player and making a lot of money is a dream shared by thousands of young kids, boys as well as girls.These boys and girls grow up to be high school and college athletes with one goal and that is to get into the NBA. The chances of the majority of these athletes making it into the NBA are very slim. The chances of winning the lottery is greater than making it in professional basketball.

There is, however, a chance of playing professional basketball overseas. The reason is that professional basketball is now a universal sport and is loved worldwide from Asia to Zimbabwe. Professional basketball players are now household names overseas not just NBA players but WNBA players as well.

I found an ecourse for athletes who are interested in playing professional basketball overseas tips on how to get attention from teams overseas.

Click Here!

I also found a  video of professional basketball player Eddy Curry talking about the benefits of playing professional basketball overseas.

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