Saturday, April 17, 2010

Michael Jackson ForeverThe King

There are many days when we hear the current music being played and realize that we have lost one of the greatest entertainer ever. No other artist can compare to the incomparable Michael Jackson. When Michael Jackson was scheduled to perform, everyone was filled with excitement and anticipation. You couldn't wait to see this man do what he was born to do. Michael Jackson was a visionary, a musical genius who transcended race, color, creed and ethnicity. His music was pure and uplifting.

One of Michaels' songs asks the question Will You Be There? For a lot of Michaels' so called friends when he needed them the most, the answer was a resounding "No". It seems that Michael Jackson had a lot of fair weather friends and a lot of leaches and when it looked as if Michael Jackson was going down and would not be of use to them, they all scattered like rats. The shame of it all is that Michael Jackson would give away all he had (and it seems that he did) to help anyone who needed his help. His generosity was unmeasurable.

Heaven was missing an angel.......... but the angel is missing no anymore.

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