Tuesday, April 6, 2010

African Black Soap

African Black Soap is a skin care phenomenon. It is all the rage lately and touted as the "8th wonder of the cleansing world" and  for valid reasons. African Black Soap is a miracle worker for a myriad of skin problems like acne, rashes, eczema, blemishes, and other skin problems. This product is so great, it also cleanses the pores and it also has a very pleasant aroma, it's not overpowering

African Black Soap is made in West Africa from a number of pure organic ingredients including palm oil and plantain leaves. The one thing I found with this soap is that it leaves the skin a little dry. Due to this, you have to be sure to use a moisturizer to
combat the dryness.

You can find African Black Soap being sold on the streets of New York by native African street vendors but if you don't live in the New York Area you can always get African Black Soap

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